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A question: when there is a love triangle composed of two dudes who are both interested in one girl, and the girl is dating one of the guys, but kind of fond of interested in the other a little maybe? Is there any way to write her and the guy she's not dating maybe have ill-advised smoochies once or twice without getting like half my readers demonizing the shit out of the female character? I suspect there really isn't, and that makes me sad. :(

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6068/50000! :D? :D?

Almost done with Chapter 2, and I'm really looking forward to chapters 3 and 4, which is where things actually get exciting. (Chapter 2 is also pretty exciting, but it's all sports-writing exciting, and while I can probably write some exciting baseball times, I don't really know enough about hockey to wing it as much as I need to. I also may need to add in a scene about the aftermath of Geordie's BBF's fractured ribs in between two of the scenes I have written.)

Basically, I'm set up to be able to get away with only averaging 1000 words per day for M-Th, now, which was where I wanted to be at the end of this weekend. I may have to shut off the internet for some of this week, though.
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My goal is to get to 6,668 by the end of the weekend so I have some wiggle room during the week to fail it up. I have enough plotted that this probably won't be a problem. Most of my scenes are taking around 750 words or so, and I have at least 6 more planned. To not burn out, I'm not going to write for the rest of the night, but I think I am going to do some outlining. Yeah!
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Word Count

Before I crash:

My goal is to try to write 6-8000 of my weekly wordcount on the weekends (Fri-Sun) so I can be less stringent on days I work (and can slack off on days I bike to and from work). I'm not sure this is going to work.

I think as long as I pass 25,000 words I'll feel pretty good about myself, though.

My goal for this weekend is to finish my first chapter, which I have all planned out.

I think I need a NaNo icon of some sort.
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